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What is a tribe?Updated a year ago

A tribe is a group of up to 20 collectors who dramatically increase their buying power by pooling funds to collect art as a group. This is done through a shared wallet (or ‘multisig wallet’), which allows members to bid together on art and co-manage their collection. Our tribe wallets are built on Gnosis Safe, a battle-tested multisig wallet protocol that stores over $39B in assets.

If a tribe wins an auction, members of the tribe become co-owners of the work. The piece is then added to the tribe’s ongoing art collection. The art can either be stored with Tribul or be shipped elsewhere, depending on what the tribe decides.

The concept of collective ownership is already native to both the traditional art world (art buying syndicates) as well as Web3 (DAOs). Tribul is the first platform to connect the two by creating a digital interface for groups to purchase, manage, and sell their physical assets in an efficient and secure manner.

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