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How does a tribe make decisions?Updated a year ago

All decisions are made with Tribul’s proposal functionality in order to ensure that they are truly representative of the members’ interests.

Creating a proposal

Any member can create a proposal and all members have one vote. The creator of a tribe is the de-facto leader and will choose the voter threshold for proposals. If the voter threshold is reached, the proposal passes.

To create a proposal, navigate to the tribe dashboard, click on “create proposal” and select the type of proposal you would like to initiate.

Voting on a proposal

A proposal only passes if the pre-determined voter threshold is reached. To vote on a proposal, navigate to the tribe dashboard and find all pending proposals.

Possible proposals

  1. Add and remove members
  2. Place and increase bid
  3. Change voter threshold
  4. Transfer the tradeable NFT to another wallet
  5. Transfer some or all funds to another wallet
  6. Take physical possession of the art

Tribul is currently building functionality that will eventually enable tribes to make more wide-ranging decisions on the art, including listing it for auction and exhibiting IRL.

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