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How do I create, join, leave, or manage a tribe?Updated a year ago

Creating tribe(s)

  1. Creating a tribe is simple and easy with Tribul’s user interface.
  2. Navigate to an auction page for an item your tribe desires.
  3. Select “Bid With A Tribe”
  4. Click on “Create New Tribe”
  5. Customize your new tribe’s name, bio, and profile picture
  6. To add members, input all desired wallet addresses into the given field and choose a voter threshold for easy decision-making. Every member will have one vote.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully created a tribe. You can create as many tribes as you’d like.

Joining tribe(s)

To join an active tribe, request a current member to create an “Add Member” proposal. If the proposal passes, your wallet address will be automatically added to the tribe.

You can join as many tribes as you’d like.

Leaving tribe(s)

To leave a tribe, request another member to create a “Remove Member” proposal with your wallet address. If the proposal passes, you will be removed from the tribe.

Managing a tribe

We recommend that tribes create tribe-exclusive channels via platforms like Discord and Telegram to streamline all communications and decision-making processes.

Freely update your tribe’s basic profile information like its name and profile picture via the account dashboard.

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