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How do I contribute/withdraw funds to a tribe? Is it secure?Updated a year ago

Storage and security of funds

Tribe wallets on Tribul are Safe multi-signature wallets layered with Tribul’s user-friendly interface. Safe is the most-trusted protocol for multi-signature wallets and features a secure wallet protocol that requires multiple signatures for a transaction to pass. Over 2.5 million Safe wallets have been created with over $39B in assets.

To see the amount of funds your tribe currently has, navigate to the “Assets” section of your tribe dashboard.

Contributing funds to a tribe

Tribul does not track the amount of funds deposited by each tribe member as this functionality is not possible on-chain. We recommend that all members track their contributions individually.

To add funds,

  1. Navigate to the “Assets” section of your tribe dashboard
  2. Click on “Purchase Crypto”
  3. Use our Stripe on-ramp to load USDC into your tribe’s wallet.

Withdrawing funds from a tribe

To withdraw funds, first, contact your tribe members in order to confirm that there is general consensus with your decision. Create a “Transfer funds” proposal, specify the amount of funds, input the receiving wallet address, and open the proposal up for voting.

If the proposal passes, the funds will automatically be sent to the appropriate wallet address.

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