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Storing with Tribul

How does free storage work on Tribul?

Tribul is doing all we can to accelerate the digitization and democratization of physical art. To advance that mission, we’ve decided to absorb all storage costs so that individual and tribe owners of physical pieces can enjoy free secure storage. To

Why keep the item stored?

By keeping the item stored, the associated NFT remains tradeable. Therefore, you’re able to digitally sell and auction your physical art at any time. Additionally, many modern collectors lack wall space or do not want to deal with the hassles of secu

Where is the artwork stored?

The artwork is stored in a third-party secure, humidity and temperature-controlled vault in New York City.

Who is eligible for free storage?

Every winning bidder is eligible for free storage, regardless of whether it’s an individual or a tribe.

How does insurance work?

Insurance on stored works is offered to collectors at a slight annual cost of around 0.1% of the artwork’s value.