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Role of Blockchain/NFTs

Which blockchain protocols is Tribul built on?

Tribul is built on Zora and Gnosis Safe and deployed on Polygon. All smart contracts have been audited.

Why are the artworks tethered to NFTs?

By tethering each physical art piece to a non-fungible token (NFT), we’re now able to create a tamper-proof record of provenance for the work. This record solves issues as they relate to both authenticity and trade. The winning bidder has the option

What can I do with the NFT of an artwork?

NFTs make it easy to display your artwork 24/7 with others worldwide. Showcase your art on digital galleries such as OnCyber or share your ownership on social media. You have instant access to sell the NFT (and thus the physical piece) on any Ethereu

What happens to the NFT if I take possession of the physical art?

If you choose to have the physical art shipped to you, the “tradeable” NFT is converted to a “soulbound” NFT. A soul-bound NFT is a non-transferable NFT that cannot be sold and therefore holds no financial value. However, you are still able to use th