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Bidding in Auctions

How do auctions work on Tribul?

Auction timer. Each lot has a 3-day timer for the first bid to be placed at the minimum bid price. If a bid is placed within this interval, the timer is automatically extended to 7 days. If a first bid is not placed within the initial 3-day window, t

Which currencies can I use to bid?

We currently accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) as well as most cryptocurrencies. Payments are made securely through our Stripe on-ramp integration. Whether paying by credit or cryptocurrency, your contributions will b

How do I place or manage a bid?

To place or manage a bid, simply connect your Metamask wallet with Tribul’s interface. Placing a bid. To place a bid, click on either “Place solo bid” or “Place tribe bid.” Follow the directions to place your bid. Withdrawing a bid. A bidder can with