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Bidding and Owning as a Tribe

How do I contribute/withdraw funds to a tribe? Is it secure?

Storage and security of funds. Tribe wallets on Tribul are Safe multi-signature wallets layered with Tribul’s user-friendly interface. Safe is the most-trusted protocol for multi-signature wallets and features a secure wallet protocol that requires m

Can a tribe bid in multiple auctions and collect multiple works?

Absolutely. We’ve enabled an environment in which tribes on Tribul spark and grow a collection of renowned physical art. Tribes can bid in multiple auctions at a time and tribe wallets can hold multiple assets at a time.

How does a tribe make decisions?

All decisions are made with Tribul’s proposal functionality in order to ensure that they are truly representative of the members’ interests. Creating a proposal. Any member can create a proposal and all members have one vote. The creator of a tribe i

Can a tribe take delivery of an artwork?

Yes. To take delivery, a tribe member must create a “Take Posession of Physical Item” proposal through the tribe dashboard. If the proposal passes, Tribul will get in touch with the tribe creator to determine next steps.