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What is Tribul?

Tribul is an auction house that is innovating on the 300-year-old auction model through the power of blockchain technology. We provide collectors with more options when it comes to collecting, selling, tracking, and displaying physical art.

How does Tribul differ from a typical auction house?

Just as with a typical auction house, the winning bidder can have the art shipped to them immediately after the auction ends. But we take it a few steps further. And we take significantly fewer fees. We bring more to the table by tethering each physi

How does Tribul tether physical art to the blockchain?

Tribul manually adds an unclonable NFC chip to each artwork’s physical certificate of authenticity, tying the piece to a corresponding non-fungible token (NFT) and its underlying information. An NFT is a digital record of ownership that is stored on

Do I truly own the art?

Yes. The NFT corresponding to each physical art piece serves as a digital certificate that serves as a tamper-proof record of authenticity and provenance. This enables collectors to leave the art stored remotely while still being able to showcase and

How can I sell the art I collect?

If you’re the winning bidder of an auction, click on "claim NFT'' which will transfer the NFT of the artwork to your wallet. Navigate to any Ethereum-based marketplace such as Opensea and connect the wallet which holds the artwork NFT. You can then l

How does Tribul authenticate art being auctioned?

We work with third-party experts to ensure that all items sold on the platform are authenticated and appraised appropriately. Specific details about an artwork's provenance and authenticity can be found on its item page.