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About Tribes

What is a tribe?

A tribe is a group of up to 20 collectors who dramatically increase their buying power by pooling funds to collect art as a group. This is done through a shared wallet (or ‘multisig wallet’), which allows members to bid together on art and co-manage

Why bid and collect as a tribe?

There are several reasons why a collector may choose to purchase artwork as a tribe. Physical art produced by mid to top-tier artists often sells at a high mark. By pooling funds with others, collectors are able to leverage more buying power to build

Is this fractional ownership?

No. By purchasing through a shared multisig wallet, each member co-owns and co-manages the entire body of artwork that is collected. This is opposed to a fractional model where investors can buy shares in an individual artwork that have no utility be

How do I create, join, leave, or manage a tribe?

Creating tribe(s). Congratulations, you’ve successfully created a tribe. You can create as many tribes as you’d like. Joining tribe(s). To join an active tribe, request a current member to create an “Add Member” proposal. If the proposal passes, your